Elements (ELM) is a digital currency based on Blockchain technology with X11 Algo(Digishield) and works on Proof of Work (POW). The blocks are generated by POW technology.
Elements aims at transforming the conventional loyalty/rewards programs to Blockchain based loyalty programs.

How "Elements" Will Change The Loyalty Industry.

Merchants can significantly reduce the cost of liability by mining Elements for FREE.
A single currency accepted by multiple merchants provides an advantage to consumers. Furthermore, customers can exchange their Elements for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Low Transaction Fees

Controlled by Consensus

No Counterfeiting

No Chargebacks

No Central Point-Of-Failure

Instant Transactions

Universal Loyalty

A single currency accepted by multiple merchants provides an advantage to consumers and merchants alike.

Low Liability

Mine Elements for FREE and significantly reduce the cost of liability of your loyalty program.

Value Appreciation

ELEMENTS' merchant partner transact, fresh demand is created for this finite asset, thus raising the unit price.

Extensive Wallet Support

Users have a choice of wallets that suit their Operating Systems: Windows, Windows Light, OS X Light, OS X, IoS, Android or GitHub.
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Blockchain based loyalty program


ELM uses X11 Algo, blocks generated by PoW technology.


Elements has a maturity of 12 blocks.


Miners are rewarded 50 ELMs as block reward.

Elements Mining

Elements Mining Pool provides opportunity for users to mine Elements.

Block Explorer

Get the details of latest Blocks and latest Transactions from Element Block Explorer.

Web Wallet

Use the Elements Services from Web Wallet without Downloading entire Elements.


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