Elements Advantages

Extremely low transaction fees
No central point of failure
No charge backs
No counterfeiting
Controlled by consensus
Virtually instant transactions

About Elements

Elements (ELM) is a digital currency based on Blockchain technology with X11 Algo(Digishield) and works on Proof of Work (POW) . The blocks are generated by POW technology.

Proof-of-Work Mining: This is exactly what it sounds like you earn coin and transaction fee rewards according to the number of blocks you mine successfully. Once a miner completed the satisfactory mining of a data block, they earn 50 ELM, a share of the transaction fees contained within that block, or a combination of the two. This type of mining requires an investor to take an active part in mining data blocks, which helps verify transaction data and create new coins.

Elements Specifications

Algorithm : X11
Coin Name : Elements
Coin Ticker : ELM
POW Coins : 10,800,000,000 ELM
POW Coins per Block : 50 ELM
Maturity : 12 Blocks
RPC Port : 6544, P2 Port : 6455